How it works?

This course is built as a comprehensive step by step guide that will walk you through the process of building a real Flask powered Web Site.

Who we are?

Rmotr Python Online Bootcamp We're the NΒΊ1 Python online bootcamp. If you want to learn python online check our Intro to Python and Advanced Python courses.

Why is this free?

We've carefully put together this tutorial to help our students to get ready for our Web Development track. We thought it was a great idea to share it with the world!

The Videos

First Steps

Introduction to HTTP

Learn the fundamental concepts behind the web. Understanding HTTP is really important in order to master Flask and WebDev.

Application Setup

Learn how to create a Virtual Environment, install Flask and have our first app running

Our first Web App

A quick overview of our starting app showing you the general concepts behind Flask

Working with HTML

Learn how Flask processes views and how to work with HTML code.

First Coding Exercise

Use the knowledge gathered up to this point to build your first Flask app

Main Flask Features

Intro to Jinja

Learn how Jinja2 and Flask are related. Build templates that will be used by your views.

Templates to Files

Learn how to move your templates to separate files and how the Flask conf works.

Basic Routing

Learn the basics of Flask Routing. Receiving dynamic parameters, checking for valid types, etc.

Raising Custom Errors

Learn how to respond to different failure scenarios and raise your own custom errors.

The Flask Request

The Flask Request is a key Object to interact with your user. We'll show you how it works in detail.

Flask Redirects

Learn how to return redirect responses and also different status codes.

Working with Databases

Our first database

Plug your first database to your Flask app. Learn how to set it up and query basic data.

Advanced Jinja

Combine the result of queries with Advanced Jinja features to display the right data to your user.

Before Request hook

Learn how to use "Hooks" or "Middleware" to process repetitive tasks before each request.

SQL Joins

We'll see how to use a more advanced SQL feature (JOIN) to query our data.

Coding: Database exercise

Combine your knowledge of Flask and SQL to solve this coding challenge

Advanced Flask

Working with Forms

Plug a form in your app to read input from your user. Learn how to receive and validate it.

Static Files

Learn how to include static files in your app and how to serve them properly.

Template Inheritance

Learn how to create a template hierarchy to reuse code and avoid repetition.

Bonus: Real Life Class Examples

Flask Routing

Watch a recording class explaining Routing from one of our Python Courses

Working with Databases

Watch how we explained our students how to work with Databases.